Retail Execution

RW3 was the first to introduce mobile tools to retail execution management. RW3 InStore Mobile and RW3 Mobile Audit for iPad, iPhone and Android let you stay on top of account execution and on-shelf availability in real time.

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Why Choose RW3?

Our clients have seen the real world value RW3 brings to an organization, whether it’s addressing an OOS problem, or improving account management. Our solutions are the most detailed and comprehensive in the industry, enabling for a distinct competitive advantage.


Demand Signal Repository

RW3’s Demand Signal Repository collects all your information from retail, POS, Nielsen and other sources, cleans, integrates and creates reports that tell your organization what the priorities are today, what’s changed to close gaps and push profits.


Reporting & Analytics

Collecting data from sources like POS, EDI, Nielsen, IRI and NPD only benefits you if you can isolate the information you need–and do it fast enough to take action.


Mobile Solutions

RW3 was the first to introduce mobile tools to retail execution management. Our InStore Mobile solutions allow you to prepare, plan and execute your store visits, capture real-time data with photo capabilities and deliver sales dashboards on demand.


Account Execution

You want every transaction with every account to go smoothly. Each promotional plan, distribution list and new item introduction requires dozens, sometimes hundreds of smaller transactions or communications to make it effective.


Enterprise Broker Management

RW3s Enterprise Broker Management solution uses our Account Management capabilities to manage all distribution, new items, promotional execution and current deal topics with specific retailers in their own interface.

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    Getting a product on the shelf and into the consumer’s hands is a complex process. To achieve that goal, successful organizations turn to RW3. RW3 is comprised of industry experts with a passion for creating innovative technology solutions. We harness the power of big data (s.a. Nielsen, Retail Link, POS) and develop business intelligence tools (mobile apps included) that fuel today’s sales force and empower profitable decisions across an organization. From the CEO to the Auditor, our BI processes, dashboards and products deliver built-in flexibility and scalability. With RW3, organizations can streamline solutions to best fit their needs.

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