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Leading CPG organizations  equip their field teams with RW3’s InStore applications and solutions to manage accounts, collect data, and conduct store calls. Retail execution, account management, broker optimization and data integration have become essential to achieve top line growth. RW3 provides innovative mobile solutions that infuse disparate data into the in-store workflow. We harness the power of big data such as Nielsen and Retail Link and develop business intelligence tools that fuel today’s sales force and empower profitable decisions across the organization.  From the CEO to the Auditor, our BI processes, dashboards and products brings everything together.


  • Retail Execution

    The InStore Execution Suite provides the solutions your internal, dedicated, and or syndicated field teams need to win at retail with mobile technology.

  • Mobile Analytics & Reporting

    The DSR harness the power of Big Data by organizing disparate data and housing it in the cloud to create accurate reports and analytics.

  • Data Integration

    Applications, infused with real time data, provides the advantage your team needs by optimizing store calls and automating audits based on promotion.

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RW3′s InStore Products

Designed to align all your internal, dedicated, and/or syndicated field teams with your IT, Marketing, and Sales efforts. The innovative InStore Execution Suite generates dynamic sales calls, collects causal data, and drives your ROI while the mobile BI Suite provides KPIs and visual analytics that strengthen your retail execution strategy.




RW3 InStore Retail & BI Suite




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